Amelia Harvey

Amelia is the co-founder of dairy business The Collective.  Before starting The Collective in 2011, Amelia was part of the team that built and sold Gu Chocolate Puds.

The Collective’s yoghurts and drinks are stocked in over 5,000 supermarkets with a turnover of £42 million RSV.  The Collective launched in the UK in 2011 when Amelia and Mike saw a gap in the market for a dairy with taste at its heart.  The business is growing at 22% in a market that’s -3% in decline.

In 2018, The Collective were one of the pioneers in removing black plastic from all their yoghurts, removing lids completely from their single portion pots and injecting a green detectable dye in their sharing pots.  The Collective are on a journey to continue to move the dial on sustainability, their journey to become a B Corp has helped to both guide and accelerate this process.