• E-commerce 101 for sales, marketing and brand
  • What’s going to make E-commerce sales grow faster – and can you play a part in that?
  • How to build an app that works with Amazon

Direct to consumer

  • What sort of tech/logistics set up do you require to establish your own direct route to market?
  • What marketing strategy do you employ to drive sales?

Marketing, advertising and the new media landscape

  • How does social media drive shoppers into stores?
  • Digital marketing: what should you be doing and not doing? How do you leverage digital marketing and technology to future proof your business in an Omni-channel world?
  • Does conventional advertising still work or can digital and social channels do a more efficient and cost-effective job?

In-Store tech (retailers and brands working together)

  • In-store: how are stores evolving tech-wise? What does the store of the future look like? And where do suppliers fit in?
  • Make shopper marketing work using tech
  • The evolution of the coupon for a digital age
  • Store trials: how to test and learn quickly

Big data and insight

  • Can big data read the future?
  • Understanding data, the different types, different approaches (eg the difference between people-driven and data-driven marketing), how to get hold of it and buy cost effectively

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