The Grocer Conference 2018: How to Win in Online Grocery 

09:00 – 09:25
– Registration and Refreshments

9:25 – 9.30 Opening Remarks
Adam Leyland, Editor, The Grocer

09:30 – 09:50 Scene setting: Consumers
Fraser McKevitt, Head of Retail and Consumer Insight,
Kantar Worldpanel
How do shoppers shop online? What do they buy? How often do they buy? Are they buying more? Which sites do they use? How does their behaviour differ? How will their behaviour change? How fast will the channel grow? This scene setter will apprise you of all the latest online consumer and shopping insights.

09:50 – 10:10 How to work with Amazon
James Bate, Category Leader, Amazon Pantry and Pets
Amazon is moving into grocery in a big way. In this presentation, James will show you how to win a listing and get the most out of Amazon as a seller/supplier, with tips and hints on how to run Amazon pages like the biggest FMCG (on a quarter of the budget), explaining how different options like Amazon Pages work, as well as showcasing its progress to date and future plans.

10.10 – 10.30 The Big Debate: Amazon and Whole Foods: what is the significance to the UK grocery market?
Bruno Monteyne, Senior Analyst, Bernstein
Ray Gaul, Vice President Research and Analytics, Kantar Retail
Lisa Byfield-Green, Senior Retail Analyst, LZ Retailytics
Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods Market has mostly been viewed as a US-centric move. But in the first of our ‘Big Debate’ sessions, our experts will assess what’s going on behind the scenes in the UK and how it relates to the bigger picture.

10.30 – 10.50  Measurement: the one number that reveals the simple tactics you need to follow to beat your category competitors
Viv Craske, mySupermarket
NPD? Promotions? Share of search? Or share of Favourites? Brands struggle to measure what drives e-commerce sales because the metrics are totally different from bricks and mortar retail. Time and money spent on e-commerce in the past has therefore been wildly inefficient compared to traditional retail. In partnership with Kantar Consulting, mySupermarket Business Solutions has developed eBrand Ranking, a single category ranking that helps you understand what really drives e-commerce sales. In this session mySupermarket Business Solutions will demonstrate how the new ranking works for the first time, and reveals the Top 20 brands driving e-commerce sales, how they are achieving it and what specific drivers and tactics you can steal from them to drive rapid growth in your category. It will also look at how to provide accurate and continuous category benchmarking for your e-commerce activities and how to reveal the true value of your NPD launches, promotional impact, share of search and Favourites impact.

10.50 – 11.15
Coffee Break

11.15 – 11.35  Sainsbury’s Digital Experience

Clodagh Moriarty, Online Director, Sainsbury’s
Hear from Clodagh about Sainsbury’s online strategy and progress, and how as a supplier you can win a listing, make the most of the opportunity, and grow sales and your category in the online channel.

11.35 – 11.55  Marketing with a twist: the role of social in grocery e-Commerce
Maureen McDonagh, Head of Grocery, Facebook
It’s impossible to ignore social media. It’s where your consumers hang out. So what is the world’s biggest social media company bringing to the party in terms of grocery e-commerce. Maureen McDonagh’s presentation will include key insights from new beverages and confectionery research conducted by Facebook.

11.55 – 12.15  Insights from Alibaba
Leah Zhang, Senior Manager, Alibaba Group
Alibaba will speak about:

• The Chinese consumer’s demand for UK/Western products
• The opportunity for UK brands in taking advantage of this
• How Alibaba’s marketplace facilitates this and acts as the ‘gateway to China’

12.15 – 12.35  Win competitive advantage by bringing your category strategy alive in online retailers
John Maltman, Chief Executive Officer, E Fundamentals
Gordon Morrin, e-Commerce Director, Kerry Foods
Selling online is totally different. There are no gondola ends. Discoverability is way harder, as are impulse purchases. And search and the site’s architecture are key. So how do you make your products stand out on a website? Covering everything from promotions to web-ready images and SEO, this is your starter kit for what you need to have in place to start making waves in e-Commerce, drawing on the expertise of E Fundamentals, which has worked with some of the UK’s biggest suppliers, including Unilever and P&G. In this joint presentation with Kerry Foods, E Fundamentals will share examples of how ambitious eCommerce teams are driving their performance and what you can be doing to deliver an effective strategy to grow category sales and profit, making your category strategy fit for online retail; building relevant activation; and tracking category strategy effectiveness through online retailers.

12.35 – 12.55  Consumer insight session: how do people shop?
Guy Redwood, Simple Usability
How do consumers shop online? Using eye-tracking technology, Simple Useability’s video presentation shows how people do and don’t shop, whether online, on mobile, using apps and using voice. Guy will also gives some insight into how online shopping is likely to evolve from a technology perspective.

12.55 – 14.05

14.05 – 14.25  Search: what role does it play?

Harry Walker, Industry Head – Grocery Retail, Google
Search gives wonderful insights into shopper behavior. What role does it play in different shopper missions? How are shoppers using search for discovery, for online shopping and before going in store. What might this look like as search evolves and how can retailers and suppliers best take advantage of the opportunity search provides.

14.25 – 14.45  How to build a brand with Ocado
Amelia Harvey, Co-Founder, The Collective
and Rose Price, Head of Buying, Ocado
As sophisticated as Amazon is, Ocado has also developed a whole suite of tools and technology to drive growth for its suppliers. How should you get involved? What can you do to maximise the opportunity? In this joint presentation with one of its key suppliers find out how to build a business with Ocado.

14.45 – 15.05  The role of brands: Who’s winning online?
Richie Kelly, Chief Executive Officer, Adimo
Justin Burbage, Sales Director Consumer Health, Bayer
Bayer ripped up the rulebook for over the counter drugs when it implemented its new ecommerce strategy. In this joint presentation with Adimo, hear how it focused on improving the shopper journey stage, using data insights and analysis of customer behaviour as well as shoppable tech; integrating ecommerce and digital marketing into its overall marketing strategy; and allowing its existing product sites and pages to become ecommerce platforms so visitors could purchase products directly through the site/content itself.

15.05 – 15.25  The big debate: Hot New Tech
Alice Mannion, Head of Grocery Merchandising and Product, Ocado
James Turner, Founder and CEO, Delineate
Rory  Knighton, Co-Founder, Run-away
Deirdre Sorensen, Associate Partner, OC&C
How big a deal is voice tech in the evolution of ecommerce? Are there other disruptive technologies on their way? And what are the implications of all the new technology driving website development – from mobile and apps and big data – in terms of your business? Should you just sit back and enjoy the ride? Or do you need to get involved?

15.25 – 15.50 Coffee Break


15.50 – 16.10  How to maximise your ad budget efficiently
Georgina Evenden, Capture
Digital is supposed to be the most accountable, data-rich, channel. However grocery e-commerce still remains a mystery to most FMCG brands. Find out how to plan for digital success: from how much to spend, to getting the most value out of your budget. Hear how you can measure what really works and what not to waste your money on, with a focus on aligning brand and shopper campaigns to maximise the impact across your entire digital marketing investment.

16.10 – 16.30 How to work with Iceland
Matthew Lowe, Head of Online Content & User Experience – Iceland
Iceland is The Grocer’s Online Supermarket of the Year. While other discounters have shunned online shopping hear how it’s grown sales at a rapid rate through skilful execution and great social media-based marketing.

16.30 – 16.50  The Big Debate: should you set up your own direct to shopper site and if so how do you do it?
Lars Johansen, CEO, Shobr
Guy Blaskey, Founder and Director, Pooch and Mutt
Barney Mauleverer, Co-Founder, Fuel 10K
John Maltman, Chief Executive Officer, E Fundmentals 
Grocery distribution is changing. As well as new online players, the structural changes made possible through the internet have resulted in new direct to consumer models, while a new generation of third party distributors is looking to supply your goods in record time. How feasible is it to disintermediate? What considerations do you need to bear in mind, in terms of cost, company size, category/product? What about reverse disintermediation?



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